“Community Chiropractic of Lewisville is the fifth chiropractic center I have been to, and the millionth doctor of any variety my husband has seen for his back pain. While we have received excellent care at all of those other places, at no other place have we received such gentle, attentive, and patient-centered care as at Dr. Estess’s office. Since my husband and I established care here, we have been treated as human beings — nay, as family. Both of the doctors, as well as the sweet receptionist, have gone out of their way to get to know us, and my husband has found relief from his chronic pain for the first time in his life, after enduring other doctors’ countless prescriptions, invasive procedures, and draining bills. Thus, his epilepsy is better, my migraines are better, and our lives our happier because we experience whole-body healing through the sincere love that these physicians have for their work and their patients. We are so thankful for Community Chiropractic of Lewisville!”

– Melissa H.

“Omg Dr. Rosas is so awesome. She relieved some of my pain. I feel so happy. I would really recommend Community Chiropractic to anyone that is in pain. Dr. Rosas really listens to my concerns and answers questions that I have. I really love this place. Thank you so much.”

– Trang N.

“Dr. Rosa’s is the best! After seeing countless other Chiropractors she’s the only one who addressed the issues! I was even struggling with walking! Every single part of my body hurt so bad, I had trouble with daily routines. She fixed me right up, now all I do is come in for maintenance!”

– Lara S.

“Friendly and welcoming environment. Very helpful and knowledgeable. They not only helped with my pain but introduced ways to keep it from reoccurring. Would highly recommend C.C. all family and friends!”

– Courtney J.

“My husband and I both go here for “maintenance” to prevent injuries and to keep our backs adjusted. With Crossfit, we find it very important to keep up with this and they do a great job to give us tips to stretch before and after workouts to prevent any injuries.”

– Mariana P.